Current Mortgage Rates in Edmonton

This is a great source to keep updated on the current Edmonton mortgage rates set by The Bank Of Canada. The Edmonton mortgage rates and other rates set by the Bank Of Canada are the base structure of your local lender’s rates. The interest rate is one of the most important features of your mortgage. It determines how much interest you will pay on top of the price of the home you’ve purchased. Here are some things you need to know about Edmonton mortgage rates.

  • In Edmonton, mortgage rates can fluctuate dramatically.
  • If you are approved for a loan in Edmonton, your mortgage rates can be locked in while you shop for a house.
  • It’s smart to compare Edmonton mortgage rates offered by different lenders.

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Current Mortgage Rates

TermsMarketOur Rate
Variable Rate 2.95%
Prime Rate 3.95%
6 Months3.34%3.30%
1 Year3.59%2.69%
2 Years3.74%2.69%
3 Years3.89%2.69%
4 Years3.94%2.69%
5 Years5.59%2.74%
7 Years5.80%3.34%
10 Years6.10%3.70%

These rates subject to web disclaimer and qualification criteria.
Last updated December 5th, 2019

Edmonton Mortgage Rates