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variable rate 2.25
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3 year closed 2.49
4 year closed 2.77
5 year closed 2.79
10 year closed 4.39
*All rates are subject to qualification criteria and can change without notice.
Updated January 8th, 2015
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The Solution for Your Home Financing Needs

Alberta Mortgage is an Edmonton, Canada based mortgage brokerage focused on arranging for the home financing alternative (mortgage, secured line of credit, HELOC, etc.) that will best satisfy the demands of Albertan homeowners and buyers. Our team of Edmonton Mortgage Brokers and staff are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best in service, product selection, and the lowest mortgage rates on the market.

Call us today, or Apply Online here.

Looking For Your First Home?
Purchasing your first home can be one of the most joyous experiences of your life. However, sometimes arranging for the mortgage on your first home can be a rather disconcerting event. Going from bank to bank, and negotiating rates on your own can be taxing, and even costly. Instead, let the qualified mortgage brokers at Alberta Mortgage --an Edmonton mortgage broker make your first time home buying experience simple and enjoyable. Why pay rent when you could own your own home with the help of one of the qualified mortgage brokers at Alberta Mortgage for about the same monthly payment?

Why go through all the hassles involved in arranging a mortgage on your own?

Let Alberta Mortgage do the legwork for you.

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage brokers are extensively trained professionals that work hard to provide you with consultation and services regarding the financing of real estate. Mortgage brokers act as mediators between you (the purchaser) and the lender (bank, trust company, mortgage company, investment company, etc.) searching for the home financing alternative(s) that will best meet your needs.

Mortgage brokers are able to arrange for a variety of home financing alternatives, including conventional mortgages, lines of credit, HELOCs and more. At Alberta Mortgage, our edmonton mortgage brokers search the entire Canadian marketplace to find you a tailored solution to meet your needs and wants, and save you money. Learn More

Mortgage Renewal or Transfer?
Generally speaking, a Canadian homeowner renews his/her mortgage every 5 years. When a mortgage comes up for renewal most homeowners accept the first offer for renewal from their bank without any knowledge of how low a mortgage interest rate they could potentially qualify for. At Alberta Mortgage we will earn your business by searching for the lowest mortgage interest rate possible, the very first time you call. Call your edmonton mortgage broker, Alberta Mortgage, today.

Meet the Team of Mortgage Professionals at Alberta Mortgage:
Most brokers offer similar rates, and a relatively similar set of mortgage products with competitive features and options. The difference between brokers comes in the professionalism of their service and competence in arranging for your home financing. Find out what makes us different.

Past Credit/ No Credit Issues?

Are You Self Employed? 
Recent changes in mortgage lending criteria have now made it possible for self employed Albertans to buy a home with as little as a 5% down payment. If you have owned your own business for 2 years or longer, you could qualify to buy a home with as little as 5% down! For more information about qualification criteria, contact one of the qualified Edmonton mortgage brokers at Alberta mortgage today.

Looking for 100% financing? 
While the traditional 100% financing is no longer available through most lenders, there are still homeownership options available for borrowers looking to buy a home with no down payment. For more information about these products, contact one of the edmonton mortgage brokers at Alberta Mortgage today.

There's no need to feel that you can't get a mortgage and buy a home today because you have had some financial issues in the past, or because you're new to the country and have no credit rating. The Edmonton mortgage brokers at Alberta Mortgage may be able to arrange for the financing for your new home at a competitive rate even if you were just recently discharged. Feel assured that by coming to Alberta Mortgage you will be given quality service, and a commitment to finding a mortgage for you. Contact your qualified Edmonton mortgage broker, Alberta Mortgage today!

Learn how to rebuild your credit here.

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Latest Blog Entry:
The Mortgage Market Analysis by Alberta Mortgage

5 Year Fixed Rates Drop

5 Year Fixed Rate mortgage rates have fallen again, now down to 3.09%. Many experts are predicting the trend of lower than normal rates to continue through the summer, however, for those looking to purchase a home or refinance at some time within the next 90 to 120 days, this most recent rate drop provides an excellent opportunity for getting pre-approved. 

10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Offering Canadians Stability, at a Very Low Cost

10 year fixed rates haven't been an attractive option for most Canadian Homeowners at any point in the last decade. However, due to today's economic climate, many Canadian Homeowners are maximizing their savings with today's historically low interest rates, by selecting longer than normal fixed rate  mortgage terms.

Today's 10 year fixed rate mortgage at 3.89% provides a tremendous opportunity for Home owners to save thousands of dollars over the next 10 years in two ways:

1. As compared to renewing in 5 years with an interest rate of 5.00%, homeowners would save approximately $1,800 for every $100,000 left owing on their mortgage.  continue

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Are High Monthly Payments holding you back?

With new mortgage products out from the mortgage insurers Genworth and CMHC, 30 and 35 year mortgage ammortization periods are available to those looking to purchase real estate. A longer mortgage ammortization means lower monthly payments for you, meaning that in most cases you can qualify for a larger mortgage amount. For more information regarding this exciting new product, and to find out what it will mean for you contact one of the Edmonton mortgage brokers at Alberta Mortgage.

Can I pay off my mortgage sooner?
Most Canadian Homeowners know that the longer time you hold borrowed money, the more you pay in interest. The same principle applies to any and every mortgage --the more time you take to pay off your mortgage, the more interest you end up paying. The mortgage lending partners in Canada make it possible for homeowners to pay off their mortgage in a period less than their ammortized loan period by offering prepayment privileges as well as extra mortgage payment options. The best thing about these mortgage options is that unlike your regular mortgage payments, the entire amount you send in extra mortgage payment goes directly towards paying down the principle --no interest! This means big savings for you over the life of your mortgage. With many of the pre-payment and extra mortgage payment options available through many of our lenders, as a homeowner you can save yourself nearly 12 years worth of mortgage payments. Using all the available prepayment options, you can pay off your mortgage in 5 years! But not everyone is looking for the same type of pre-payment options. For those self employed being able to put large sums at one time are often more convenient, whereas for homeowners with fixed incomes extra mortgage payments are often the preferred alternative. The qualified and professional mortgage brokers at Alberta Mortgage will search out the mortgage program with the payment and pre-payment privileges that work best for your lifestyle. Learn More

What else can I do to pay off my mortgage faster?
While mortgage money offers a relatively low cost solution for Canadians to own real estate, pay for renovations, take vacations and more, the interest costs of a mortgage are substantial over the life of a mortgage --regardless of interest rate. For example, over the life of a $310,000.00 mortgage with an average interest rate of 6.00% and an ammortization of 30 years, a mortgage borrower will pay $353,824.46 in interest costs alone. Imagine cutting the ammortization of this mortgage in half without making extra payments, and just think about what you would do with an extra $100,000. Call one of the qualified edmonton mortgage brokers at Alberta Mortgage for a free consultation, and learn how much you could save. Learn More

Take Advantage of historically low mortgage interest rates:
Today's fixed rate mortgage interest rates offer a tremendous opportunity for Albertan home owners to reduce their monthly mortgage payment obligation(s) by refinancing their existing home mortgage(s). In uncertain economic times it is important to minimize monthly expenditures, one of which could be a mortgage payment. By reducing their mortgage interest rate, mortgage borrowers can save in two ways: first, a lower mortgage interest rate and lower monthly payment mean home owners can have more money in the bank to save or spend; secondly, with a lower mortgage interest rate mortgage borrowers can reduce the principal portion of their mortgage faster --and become mortgage free sooner! To find out how much you could possibly save on your mortgage, contact a qualified edmonton mortgage broker from Alberta Mortgage today, or Apply Online.

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